Why Is Ux So Important For A B2b Ecommerce Site? Essay

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Why Is UX So Important to a B2B eCommerce Site?

Why Is UX So Important to a B2B eCommerce Site?
In agile development, “user story” is a term that refers to the interests of a key stakeholder group such as customers, staff, vendors, distributors and third-party business associates. Agile development assigns a distinct role in the development process to each of these stakeholders to ensure that their interests are well-represented when developing software applications for business operations and SaaS applications. In effect, different users are represented at each stage of software development from inception to implementation. The ultimate goal in B2B applications in today 's market is to provide a better user experience for each stakeholder. B2B eCommerce platforms fulfill this objective through UI / UX development.

One of the primary reasons why UX is so important for business-to-business customers can be illustrated by a Nielsen Norman study that found website users failed to complete website actions 28 percent of the time[1] That figure represents progress from the days when early Internet marketing companies enjoyed unparalleled growth, but their websites failed about 50 percent of the time, which is probably why the dot.com bubble burst. B2B customers today demand seamless website performance, customized features, self-service options and features like those found on B2C websites. There 's still plenty of room for improvement when website operations fail in more than…

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