Why Is This Incorrect? Essay

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It Started with a Vision

The creative mind of George Lucas has developed many different movies with different subject matter. Many of these movies, namely Star Wars, have pushed the envelope in the realm of special effects and sound. His demand for better special effects and sound increased the overall technology in the film industry, and continues to do so today with his company Industrial Light and Magic.

In all of Lucas' films, his main concern is getting his view across to the audience. He wants to portray his vision in the most vivid way possible so the audience can hopefully get a grasp of what message he is trying to get across, or what item he wants to address. Trying to get his idea across became an obsession for Lucas. The
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He was a desperate man, compelled to go to great lengths in expressing himself artistically. However, George Lucas was not always like this. In high school, he was an outlandish rabble-rouser, and the epitome of "a rebel without a cause." The leather laden greaser wonder hung out with ruffians of a greater size than he, finding protection to back up his small 100 lb. frame, characteristic even of his senior year in high school.

Young Lucas' outlandish ways led him to an experience that would change the rest of his life. On Tuesday, June 12, 1962, he was involved in a terrible auto accident that left him injured and shocked in the hospital. George's father commented on young Lucas' reaction, "He saw his own mortality" (Pollock xvi). You could also say that George found some spirituality in his life. The accident also gave him some clarity about what he wanted to do with his remaining time on this planet, which he learned to appreciate and utilize. It was not just clarity that drove him, it was vision. It was not only a vision of what he wanted to become, it was an image of what he wanted to portray, founded on his new spiritual beliefs. On page 141 of Skywalking, George stated, "I am simply trying to struggle through life; trying to do God's bidding."

Star Wars displayed what Lucas wanted to depict regarding his spiritual side. He makes the purpose of Star Wars clear to author Dale Pollock

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