Why Is Lying Justified Essay

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The three main types of lies are : white lies, Lies to protect the liar , and lies to cause harm. Experts like Brad Blanton expresses that lies are sometimes justified but it complicates relationships, where as Immanuel Kant believes that all lies are unjustified. Teens in the article exhibit lies as being sometimes justified when mothers lie about the cartoons. Lying to others is sometimes justified when lies have a cost, lies to protect others and relationships, and lies to protect others from harm.

First of all, Lying is sometimes justified since all lies have a cost to the lair. Some people say “yes, but we shouldn’t manipulate the truth, but I disagree because you can lose a person that you will need in life. For example, Cohen says
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Granted, people say lying is never Justified according to Immanuel Kant who believes any lying is bad(Article 1, paragraph 8), however I think that lying helps to protect someone from a death situation. For instance, “Lying to protect others can literally be a matter of life or death situation”(Article 1, Paragraph 1). This also shows that lying can help protect someone from a death situation or harmful. One again can notice that if someone is in danger or their life is in risk you can save them by lying. For example, Blanton says” We shouldn’t manipulate the truth except for rare times- if you are hiding Anne Frank in your attic because her life is in danger”(Article 3, Paragraph 11). This evidence highlights, when a person’s life was in danger or in a death situation one would need to lie to not cause harm. This is important, because just if lying isn’t justified it doesn’t mean you can’t use it to save a person’s life. In conclusion lying is acceptable when you are trying to help someone in a death and harm …show more content…
As a society, we need to make a change and create a balance of truths and lies. It would be our benefit to lie ONLY when a life is in danger. Ultimately, lying can be harmful and must be used delicately with caution, so that people’s feelings don’t get

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