Why Is John Proctor Bad

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Good Always Can Come From Bad Witches, death, superstition, and betrayal have surprisingly affected John Proctor for the better. In the book The Crucible written by Arthur Miller, it shows the excitement and superstition of the events that changes John Proctor. After Reverend Parris finds teenage girls dancing and participating in witchcraft in the woods, Abigail, along with some other girls, start to accuse innocent townspeople of witchcraft to hide their mistakes and avoid their consequences. Many people start to die wrongly accused and some even give their lives in order to stop this nonsense. Through John Proctor’s change from selfishness to selflessness, Miller illustrates that people do change when times get tough.
Before the sacrifices that Proctor makes for the witch trials, John Proctor was someone who was selfish and never thought about how his actions could hurt others. “Let you look sometimes for the goodness in me, and judge me not” (1294). Proctor says this to Elizabeth, his wife, after she discovers his affair with Abigail. Elizabeth was devastated that her husband could betray her in that way. Their marriage relationship is now in a “limbo” and seems to be extremely awkward and
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The times are getting tough. There is many who have been wrongly accused and hanged because of the accusations of Abigail and other teenage girls. No one can no longer be trusted. In order to show Elizabeth that Proctor is trying to change, he asks her how can he prove himself to her (1293). Proctor quickly starts to learn that he needs to change in order to survive. He is seeking for forgiveness and starts to find his love again for his wife. Proctor really shows he is fallible when he sees the horror as the officials chain Elizabeth and drag her away after she is wrongly accused of being a witch. Proctor is willing to change in order to help his family as the witch trails start to take

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