Why Is Eating At Restaurants Healthy Or Bad For You?

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Is eating at restaurants healthy or bad for you?
Eating at restaurants: healthy or bad for you?
Does Five Cheese Ziti al Forno sound healthy to you? Or Southern Fried Catfish? How about Maple Bacon Chicken Piadini?
Deep down, you already know the answer to this question. No, eating at restaurants isn’t healthy. Eating at restaurants—fast food or 5 star—is bad for you.
But why? Why can’t eating at restaurants be healthy?
Why is eating at restaurants bad?
Three words: salt, sugar and fat.
Humans are naturally drawn to foods high in salt, sugar and fat. (Hello, salted caramel). That’s how we distinguished foods that were nutritious and calorically dense. In a world where humans struggled to survive, these tastes told us when we hit a jackpot.
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They don’t care about your waistline or the quality of your life. No sane person who cares about your health would serve you food from a restaurant.
It’s all about the money, honey
Restaurants care about money.
The restaurant cycle is simple:
1. Encourage customers buy lots of food
2. Make food that the customer enjoys eating
3. Get customers to come back and spend more money on food
Restaurants use salt, sugar and fat to make cheap meals addictively tasty. They have no regard to the health consequences of using these ingredients.
Restaurants make you feel like you’re getting a good deal by eating there. No grocery shopping, no cooking, no dishes. It seems like an all-around win.
Yet a meal out is drastically more expensive than cooking food at home. I’ve spent $60 for a meal at a moderate sit-down restaurant. On the other hand, I spend $75 on groceries per week when I cook for myself. It’s hard to justify eating at a restaurant with such a huge price difference.
Eating at home is the obvious choice if you want more munch for your money.
How do I start cooking for myself?
Don’t be overwhelmed.
You don’t need to go from eating out every night to pressing your own tortillas. Just cooking at home is a step in the right
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Follow a recipe, they’re wonderful tools.
You’ll become a better cook by reading and following recipes. That’s how I learned. Recipes taught me how to combine foods and eventually create my own recipes. I learned patterns and recognized which ingredients worked best for my cravings.
You might not know many cooking techniques right now. Who cares? I didn’t know what a julienne slice was in the beginning. The more recipes I read and cook, the more cooking methods I learned. I discovered how to create different flavors and textures with my ingredients by utilizing different cooking techniques.
Another advantage of recipes is they helped me cook meals on a regular basis. When I found recipes I enjoyed, I kept coming back to them. It’s not lazy to cook the same tasty meals and recipes over and over again – it’s smart. It gave me a quick idea for a meal when I was in a rush to eat. Some recipes, like tostadas and baked potato wedges, I eat once a week.
There are thousands of recipes available online. Yummly, Pinterest, foodnetwork.com and food.com have extensive databases. They’re a great place to start. And just FYI: I have recipes, too.
Most recipes online are free. I usually search for recipes by ingredients or

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