Essay on Why Is Attending College?

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When you think about attending college, one might think they must transition as soon as they finish high school since that is what has been done in the past. However, progressively more students are taking a break before starting college. In an article titled “The Credibility in Your Gap Year,” it states,
“Taking time off helps students refocus and recharge for the rigors of college - and also fosters their emotional and intellectual maturity. Some who have done it claim that taking a gap year helped them reapply to a college that previously turned them down. Most professionals don 't recommend doing [a gap year] just to position yourself and improve your resume. There has to be a greater sense of purpose.”
It turns out taking a break (gap year) amongst high school and college can be beneficial for some whereas others not so much. It is not the break itself that is damaging rather it is how long of a break you take between the two that ultimately regulates your successfulness in college. An article titled “Waiting to Attend College: Undergraduates Who Delay Their Postsecondary Enrollment” states, “For whatever reasons students wait to enroll in college, those who do delay are at considerable risk of not completing a postsecondary credential when compared with their peers who enroll immediately after high school graduation.”
My future was all thought out, or so I believed. The military was going to be my ticket towards paying for college since I lacked any familiarity…

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