Essay on Why Is Attending College Important?

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Why is attending college important to you? That is a question that has been asked to me multiple times throughout my educational years. College has been something that has been engraved in my mind since I was a child, something my parents were not able to achieve for personal reasons. With the state that our economy is in the only way to get ahead, and be able to progress in life is with a college education. College has always been a goal to be accomplished, another achievement for me. A college degree in the career path that I have chosen is just one step closer to being able to heal and help those in need. Most college student’s biggest fear sis being asked to leave due to academic failure. For me that was a reality. I was 2 semesters away from receiving BSN when I was told that I would no longer be able to continue my education in that educational institution. With all the hard work had had put into the program, all the sleepless nights, countless hours of studying my worst fear became my reality. At first I was angry, and shocked. I kept asking myself “ how is it possible that one “C” can get me kicked out of the program?” I doubted myself and questioned if I wanted to go back to school and start from scratch. It took a lot for me to see that college is for me. Something that started out that my parents wanted for me turned into something that is right for me. Aside from the fact that I am a lot older than most college student’s my goals have changed throughout…

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