Why Is Animal Poaching Be Abolished

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If you love losing money and going to jail. Then go to your local wilderness, take and kill an animal, skin it, then go to the cops and give them the skin and say “Here you go, please bring me to jail now.” It’s the exact thing if you don’t tell them. You still will be caught, but probably will have a longer prison sentence.Animal poaching, a painful, disgusting way to get animal materials. Why steal one’s skin for money? Animal poaching, the easiest way to get behind bars. People overlook animal poaching, but in reality people should be acting as if it were a murder. I think that there should be greater penalties for animal poaching.
The reason I think there should be greater penalties for animal poaching, because it’s for people who overlook
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A reason they overlook it, is because it does not affect them in any shape, way or form. But they shouldn’t be thinking that they should be thinking that someone murdered their dog, because it’s practically the same thing. But just with another animal.Places like Botswana, Central African Republic, Kenya, Mozambique, South Africa, and Tanzania have some common or different penalties for animal poaching. Some of those penalties are: fines, prison terms, and revocation of license. But most of these penalties aren’t properly enforced. People should treat animal poaching as if it were a murder, and put up secret cameras in the trees, or make people pay to get into the park/forest, and make them come out the same way with security checking their vehicles of dead animals. Some people who animal poach are put in jail permanently. This is important because sooner or later animals are going to become extinct, because of humans. There are already animals in danger, if people poach on them for money, adios to their kind. Usually the adults of the group are the ones are to get poached, which is putting the lives of the matriarch elephants groups in the biggest danger. Therefore, animal poachers are looking for the bigger animals to poach on, so they would get more of what they want instead of killing a tiny elephant and taking it’s tiny tusks. This …show more content…
According to “www.sheppardsoftware.com” the population of elk in North America is 782,500. I think that hunting deer or elk should be a larger store business, because then animal poachers would resort to hunting animals legally, instead of hunting animals illegally. This is important because people instead of poaching endangered animals, they would resort on the hunting business. According to “www.sheppardsoftware.com” bisons travel in groups making it easier to get more money. Therefore, you won’t have to illegally poach animals, instead you have an alternative to killing bisons and getting more money. This is important because animal poachers who want money don’t have to go to jail just to get paid, instead they will be getting more income. This is a great alternative instead of animal poaching. People may think animal poaching is ok, because it’s no harm done to us, or that it’s not hurting anybody. But it was their home before ours. People should not take animals as an opportunity to skin them, or take their wool. That is just wrong. It’s like seeing a human, then taking their nails. It makes no sense, if you wouldn’t do it to yourself, why do it to another. Or in other words, why would you skin an animal for their colors, if you wouldn’t skin a human for their skin, I’m not trying to promote either, I’m just saying they’re both wrong in general. You take a elephant’s tusk,

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