Endangered Animals Essay

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Countless amounts of animals are becoming endangered right now. The more endangered a species, the harder it is to save them. Although a good amount of people don’t take this topic seriously, animal endangerment is a topic that is not to be thrown around lightly. If an animal species becomes so endangered that humans cannot help it, it could become extinct and we may never see it again. People should try more to help endangered animals because they are dying due to habitat loss, climate change, and poaching.
Species are constantly being added to the Endangered Species list, and one of the causes is losing their homes. To begin with, habitat loss is endangering animals across the world. Habitat loss is causing thousands of innocent animals.
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First, poaching can drive an endangered species to extinction. A great example of this is the passenger pigeon. At the time, hunting passenger pigeons was not considered poaching. There was such an abundance of this bird that people started hunting them. An easy kill, passenger pigeons would fly in flocks of great numbers over people. So, as people may have just wanted an easy supper, or were just looking for something to kill, they started killing all of the passenger pigeons off. Us humans killed the whole species off, and now, we will never see them again. 1 In addition, poaching is a very large factor in animal endangerment. The saola, an Asian two-horned mammal is nearing extinction entirely due to poaching. Just recently discovered 22 years ago, it is a prize kill for poachers. Saolas have earned the nickname the “Asian Unicorn”, due to it’s valuable horns. Poachers compete for this trophy by slaughtering the precious creatures and taking their horns, while leaving the rest of the body behind. 2 Also, poaching doesn’t stop when an animal is critically endangered, the value of the creature just goes up. A well known animal, the elephant, has been poached for years. Hunted for their rare ivory tusks, criminals value the look and feel of real ivory, and think that it’s cool. It actually isn’t. Poachers don’t use the whole elephant that they poach, they just rip out their tusks and leave rest of the elephant. 3 Poaching is a very dangerous thing for endangered animals, and if not taken care of, can drive a species to extinction. People should try more to help endangered species because they are dying due to habitat loss, climate change and

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