Essay On Abortion In Life

Abortion is the most controversial issue in society today. The argument that is continuing about abortions is life and death through the uncertainty of complications. Many people think that they should have the right to decide on whether or not the baby should live or die, but what many people don’t understand is that it makes things more complicated for the mother to make a decision on the situation. Abortion in America causes many issues and has an effect on biological mothers and fathers morally and emotionally such as mental regret on giving up the baby, emotional distress over the baby and physical harm to the body after the abortion process is done. Now the abortion topic itself has many people that support the topic and many people that are …show more content…
Many believe that women should be able to get an abortion when the act of raped was performed or in a case of incest, but others still do not believe that a woman should be able to get an abortion because many people believe that an abortion is similar to committing a murder. It procedure is also ending the baby chance to have a life. Although abortion is only a medical procedure of ending a pregnancy, the procedure itself terminates the life of the unborn child. Sometimes the procedure may take longer than expected and may cause more bodily harm to the mother’s body depending on how long the baby has been in the mother’s womb. There are many people that are anti-abortionists, which mean they believe that a woman shouldn’t get an abortion, even if she was involved in a case of incest. So the question that is being asked is how the procedure of abortion does morally and emotionally impact the biological mother? The answer to this constantly asked question is the explanation of the origins of abortion, the legality of abortion, the controversy about abortion between pro abortionist and anti-abortionist and the mental and physical risks of

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