Why I Was Not Shot Essay

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On July 31st, 2013 I almost died; in fact, many witnesses thought I did. I was not shot, was not in a wreck, but I merely whiplashed my head on a turf football field after jumping up to catch a football. As soon as my head hit the ground, I was instantly knocked unconscious. My body was convulsing uncontrollably. I was choking on my tongue and my mouth was foaming with blood. My trainer instinctively stretched me out to stop the convulsing, but that only made me go completely limp and stop breathing. I laid on the field for three minutes before finally taking a breath, but didn’t regain consciousness until the next morning at 7:31. The doctors still can’t explain how I survived the impact considering the extreme symptoms that ensued, but all doctors agree that I almost died from a concussion.
“In 2012 alone, there were more than 3.8 million reported concussions, twice as many as a decade earlier” (Cleveland Medical). According to the National Library of Medicine, even this seemingly large number of reported concussions is a bad representation of the entirety of people who get concussed, because many people don’t know they have a concussion and often don’t even seek medical attention if they do. Concussions can be caused by a simple hit to the head, but cheap protective equipment and coaching negligence can cause severe concussions.
Typically, concussions are caused by quick bumps and jolts to the head, or whiplashes to the body that cause the brain to bounce within the…

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