Suspension: The Use Of Concussions In Professional Football

D.J. Fluker, offensive lineman, of the San Diego Chargers, experienced a concussion on November 22 during their game against the Kansas City Chiefs. Fluker will count this down as his fourth known concussion of his career. He had symptoms following their game that included a headache (Gehlken, 2015). All of this was after he experienced a concussion four days before during a practice. There is no set concussion protocol with the NFL rules on how many days a player must be nonactive. During his rookie-year in 2013, he experienced a concussion during a practice drill (Gehlken, 2015). He experienced side effects such as blurred vision, slow processing, and the side of his face felt numb. It was very severe and Fluker worried he wouldn’t return (Gehlken, 2015). There may be long term problems with speaking, movement, and learning depending on the severity of the concussion or with repeated injuries (WebMD, 2015). …show more content…
Especially in heaving contact sports such as football. A research study was done with Dr. Mayer and University of New Mexico and they found that there are two ways of recovery with a concussion; thinking and behavioral as well as physiological injuries to the brain (Mayer, 2013). Mayer goes on to explain how many problems with the body can be like a burn healing. The burn may scab over, but underneath there are still problems that are unseen. This being said, even though our symptoms may subside it may not be safe to return to vigorous activities and put ourselves at a higher risk of a more serious injury. Our brain is complex and there is a variety of things we know about it and how it works, but there is so much that is still in the unknown. Mayer also talks about how brain scans such as a CT or MRI would not show these types of changes on the

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