I Chose Nursing Scholarship

When I was in high school and people asked me what I wanted to study in college, my response was always automatic, I wanted to study to become a nurse. When I started college, I switched my majors three times. However, I came back to nursing because I knew for a fact that this is what I want to do. I have family members who are healthcare professionals, an aunt who is a nurse, an uncle who is a doctor and another uncle who is a surgical technician, and all of them clearly love what they do. It is because of them, because of their love and passion for their jobs that inspired me to also get into the medical field.

Apart from having family in the medical field, I’ve had family members need to go to the hospital for medical treatment. My uncle was diagnosed with stomach cancer, which my grandma had and was cured of only about 6 years prior, and because my uncle lives far from any family me and my aunt went to spend a couple of days with him when he got his surgery. Cancer in my family, unfortunately, is common. I had already had an uncle pass away from leukemia, so when my grandma was diagnosed with stomach cancer and then my uncle, it was a very difficult time for the family. Spending those days in the hospital with my uncle and helping him sit up and walk around and then seeing what the nurses did and how they helped, made me see that helping make people feel better is something that I know I would love to do. I’ve always been a compassionate person and someone who will do
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You can work at various different places: at a hospital, physician 's office, a school nurse, a traveling nurse, a health administrative nurse, there are many options of what you could do. It is also flexible in the sense that anywhere you live you will be able to find a job and the hours are also flexible, if you want to work days or if it’s more convenient for you to work nights you have that

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