Why I Still Want A Wife Analysis

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The essay “Why I [Still] Want a Wife”, is written by Judy Brady and edited by Judy Brady. In this essay, Brady tries to have readers believe that all marriages are the same, and that all wives act and live in an identical manner. Although she does makes some agreeable points, this argument has a number of problems. The first problem is that she comes off very confrontational rather that informative. This makes possible readers feel as though she is arguing with them. This also leads the readers to believe she is very one sided. A one sided author can often lose readers. Not all wives and marriages are the same, and she makes it seem as such in this essay. As a result, her argument fails because she seems to care about women, but is not very well educated with how women think, act, and live on an everyday basis in their marriages. In this essay Brady classifies herself as a wife, and states everything that would personally make her want a wife as well. She talks about how she would like to attend school. She continues to point out all of the reasons she herself would want a wife. Someone to take care of needs, clean, listen, and fulfill every demand. She basically states all the things she believes a wife does for the marriage. I believe the audience for this essay could be women and men. It could be for women looking for something to compare …show more content…
Points such as a wife being sensitive and cleaning around the house. The good in this article is the praise of a wife’s work being displayed. Empowering women to feel strong, powerful, and important. This essay is showing that wives do play a vital role in marriage, and how they will make sacrifices for their husband. This is showing men just how helpful they can be. The repetitive use of “I want a wife who”, really shows the reader the point she is trying to make about every day lives of a wife. This can be used as an anthem for wives with similar

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