My Problem With Her Anger And My Problem With Her Anger By Mike Bartel

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Co-parenting is often seen in an image of both parents sharing the responsibilities, both in the workplace and at home, equally. But the idea that is co-parenting is one that many couples hope to achieve once they’re married, mostly get shattered as they soon realize that it’s much more difficult to obtain then they had imagined. Both “The Myth of Co-Parenting: How It Was Supposed to be. How It Was,” by Hope Edelman, and “My Problem With Her Anger,” by Eric Bartels address the stereotypical problems of roles within a marriage, but Hope Edelman focuses more on what a woman’s perspective regarding how the roles should be taken and implementing it, while Eric Bartels is more about emphasizing the actual struggle of fulfilling the role and its …show more content…
Also spend more time together with their husbands rather than spending time alone or only with the children. She finds not working while her husband is working is unsettling. She seems to be the type that has to leave things finished without any loose ends. The way she mentions about how she didn’t hate doing the housework before, but she started pissed can explain that she believe things can be achieved if one will recompense the other end. But she later found out that she thought completely wrong about it. She came to believe that women are not valued as much as they should be and also doesn’t get what they deserve. Edelman included all her feelings as a whole that rather indicates that she strongly believe that how men view women haven’t yet to change and she’s not happy with it. She also mentioned that women want more that that they are allowed to do, which is to be able to have a different role than just being a housewife. Women were given a role since long ago such as that being a woman can only stay in the house and be a housewife. Time has changed since, and now that they are capable of doing and handling more roles than they once used to, they want the men to accept that. They want the men to be more understanding of their argument and try to support them rather than saying that women should only stay

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