Hope Edelman The Myth Of Co Parenting Summary

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In “The Myth of Co-Parenting: How It Was Supposed to Be. How It Was.”, Hope Edelman expresses the struggles she faces as a wife/parent while still attempting to obtain a career. Within two years of being a couple, Hope and her husband John were living together in Los Angeles with a baby. With her husband always working, it left little to no time for them to spend together as a couple or to become equally involved parents. Hope had wished that she and John would each bring in half of the income and split half of the responsibilities of raising their child, she also hoped that her husband and daughter were able to create a close relationship with one another. Overall she had unrealistic assumptions about how her marriage should be.
At the beginning of the article, Hope explains how her husband's work schedule has caused her to take time off of her job to care for their new baby, Maya, which triggers arguments between the two. There was little to no
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Hope’s main concern is that John and Maya don't end up with a relationship like the one she has with her dad. Her father was an important piece in their family, by providing all of the income, but failed at creating a bond with his children. When Hope's mother passed, Hope picked up the responsibilities that her mother took care of while her father was completely lost on raising kids. Hope has logical reasons to fear that her husband and daughter could end up that way, because of the way things were headed. The possibility of Maya remembering the events that took place while she was an infant is very unlikely, so there was still plenty of time for her husband and daughter to form a healthy relationship. Plus John was starting a new company, she needed to understand that the hours he had to work would eventually calm down and it would allow him to be more

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