Why I Started Playing Basketball Essay

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I met my best friend to this date in 7th grade, his name is Nick. He moved here from West Chester and he’s been so influential in the time that I’ve known him. He’s actually one of the reasons why I started playing basketball. He taught about the sport and I fell in love with it. Yea we still mess around on the courts sometimes and we even practice football plays for fun. He got me into wanting to be active and getting out there to play sports on a team.
We were on the same team for a couple of years and one game in particular game comes to mind. We called it, The Game That Ruined Christmas. School was out for winter break and we had one game left until the playoffs started. It was a Friday night, about 8 PM. The game was about to finish and there was about a minute left in the game. We were down a couple of points, but not totally out of it. We made a nice run and we were down by two points with ten seconds to go. I pass Nick the ball and he’s out by the three-point line. If he sinks the shot, we win, but if he misses, goodbye playoffs. Well..he didn’t make it and personally, I thought it should have been a foul, but the referee started getting mad at me when I questioned the call. He told me to, “Back off!”, so I did. We weren’t going to the playoffs after that and we laughed it off on the car ride home, calling it, The Game (or shot) That Ruined Christmas.
I was a great writer in middle school and I believe I still am, but I could always be better. My 7th grade english…

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