Why I Should Study Abroad Essay

1587 Words Oct 5th, 2016 7 Pages
Since I have decided to study abroad, I have long expected my biggest issue to face would be trying hard to deal with challenges from diverse aspects of life, about my academic study, about making new friends and about caring for myself when I am parted with my parents. But it turns out that I can always manage to balance my life both academically and daily, due to my extra effort and thanks to the support of professors and friends. However, getting along with others, I find the most challenging thing is to keep my confidence while trying to fit in and socialize. The confidence shows in various features—when we speak and chat using another language that we are not really familiar with, when we experience and adjust to culture shock and conflicts from new customs and mood of behaviors. Long have my friends and I assumed that fitting in a new life in a different country would not be that hard as long as we speak English fluently and learn enough about American culture. But later I found out that actually my English is too limited to satisfy daily conversations and the culture difference is too enormous for me to even start filling to the full. With the restriction about language and the lack of sense of belonging, I started to lose my confidence and bravery, weighing all the sentences I want to speak, being afraid of making mistakes and always standing outside of real American life. The first challenging and discouraging thing I encountered is speaking…

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