Why I Chose Commercial Over Home Childcare Essay

1041 Words May 23rd, 2016 null Page
Why I Chose Commercial Over In Home Childcare You spend your days and nights feeding, rocking, changing, and snuggling your new baby, doing your best to sleep when they sleep. It’s a rough couple of weeks with a newborn, but you love every minute of it and you know all too soon you’ll have to return to work and leave that delicate, precious little person with a caregiver. There are various options out there: family, friends, in home daycares, and commercial daycare centers. Which option do you choose? Commercial daycare centers are safer, have added reliability, and provide a quality of care unmatched by their competitors. All licensed daycares, be it in home or commercial, are required by the state to run background checks and fingerprint all staff that are directly involved with the supervision of children (Requirements For the Different Types of Child Care Providers). At a center, that’s a fairly simple task. Criminal checks are run before the hire of any employee, and generally speaking, the only people in the building are staff and parents. The situation is a little different at in home centers. Countless home daycare providers have families of their own that reside in the home. Those family members, especially teenagers and adolescents, at some point will have friends over. Numerous amounts of unchecked people are coming and going in the house which creates a great potential for danger. You might have known your provider and her family for years, but you don’t know…

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