Why I Became A Soldier Essays

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At times we find ourselves in situations we could never envision being in, I know For me this was at no time more of the case than when I deployed to Afghanistan in 2013. To better illustrate, I found myself in a platoon amongst a variety of individuals from varying places in America with an array of backgrounds. I personally was just a year removed from living at home with my parents when I enlisted into the Army to work with communications. Perhaps I was delusional, thinking war would not be a dilemma for me so early in my career. This changed, when I became a driver in personal security detachment for my unit’s commander for our upcoming deployment. I never legitimately contemplated the thought of being in combat when I initially enlisted, consequently it always was a possibility. One day I was saying goodbye to my wife and the next I am in Afghanistan. Subsequently, I felt so unprepared and under trained for the mission ahead, but I wasn’t scared. More importantly, my platoon sergeant an Infantryman of nearly twenty years with nine deployments under his belt, had complete confidence in my entire platoon. What happened on the battlefield would not be what measured victory, but in each service member making it back home. Furthermore, my platoon sergeant had absolute confidence in each and every soldier in the platoon, at the same time instilling a confidence in every one of us. As a result, my deployment was the ultimate victory, considering without exception, each soldier…

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