Why I Am A University Graduate Essay

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Sipping the chocolate milk from my Cocoa Pebbles while watching Saturday morning cartoons represents a sweet childhood memory. Why? Because it was a predictable routine. Little did I know that this routine would collapse when my father was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Like dominos falling one by one, the next few events happened quickly. First, my father became bedridden. Then, my mother sold nearly everything we owned to pay for medical expenses. Then, my oldest brother dropped out of school to work. I’ll never forget the day my father looked deeply into my eyes and said, “No matter what, go to a university. I never had the opportunity and I want you to have it.” From that day until the day he passed away, I promised myself that I would become a university graduate.

Now fatherless, I faced the world with two goals: 1) to make my father proud and 2) to build a community around me. My family was always working and I rarely saw them. They were busy working, even on my prideful graduation day. Still, I was determined to achieve these two goals. When I finished high school, I moved to the U.S. where I attended Escuela Popular. I attended class from 8AM to 3PM. After school, I would continue studying until I left to work as a dishwasher from 5PM to 1AM. Although I did not sleep much, I preferred doing this instead of quitting work or school.

I have faced many obstacles in my path going accomplishing my dream of attending the University, but the…

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