Why I Am A New Jersey Essay

1034 Words Jan 31st, 2016 5 Pages
I had been dreaming of this moment nearly my entire life. Movies, T.V., even books, displayed this astounding city I ventured in, almost as if it were a sacred land. Being raised in the Deep South with nothing but wilderness, rusty pick-up trucks, and small, run-down towns, convinced me that a city as enchanting as Manhattan could possibly exist. Yet, here I am in Newark, New Jersey, boarding a train to Grand Central Station, about to meet my future stepmom 's sister, Bekah. I had been on an airplane many times, but never a train. Accents were thrown around like a worn baseball. Italian, Scottish, New Jersey, New York, even a few Russian voices echoed off of the station walls. The cultural differences of so many people in just one building, absolutely amazed me. Everyone was equal and automatically accepted, continuing the routine of their own lives. Only one hundred years ago, this kind of togetherness could never have been imagined. I followed my stepmom (Nikki), Bekah’s best friend Morgan; Nikki’s best friend, Jennifer; and one of Nikki’s old students who happened to be my age, Maddie; to sit on a long, wooden, bench while waiting to board. Before we even settled on the bench, it was time to board the train.
I sat in my seat on the train without hesitation. When it began to glide across the tracks, I glanced at the people around me. They were almost silent, still, and either reading or glaring out the window. This clearly was not their first time going to Manhattan. My…

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