Essay on Why I Am A Doctor

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Believing in what Albert Einstein had said "Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile", the idea of helping and healing people has captivated me from my younger days. Coming from a place where women are still oppressed and are deprived of basic education, it seemed like a farfetched dream for me to become a doctor. But I was lucky to be born to parents who did not follow this norm. I have always fought against the social restriction and discouragement and resolved to do something distinct. My parents’ support and the utmost priority they gave to my education fuelled my resolve. My mother being the first woman from her community to complete high school and obtain bachelor’s degree has always been an inspiration and motivator to me. She has overcome a number of obstacles and discouragement. I believe I have her kind of determination and patience.

Challenging myself and my comfort zones I chose to go abroad for my studies. Attending high school in India and Medical School in one of the best Universities of China, I feel I am prepared to adapt to unfamiliar environment and effectively communicate among diverse groups .I have made some lifelong friends in these two neighboring countries. These relationships, insight and outlooks are few of the many things I have come to treasure from my time there. I am sure the experience I gained during this period of time will translate into tangible benefit throughout my life.

From childhood I marveled at how the human body works;…

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