My Experience At Shifts University School Of Medicine

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1. Do you wish to include any comments (in addition to those already provided in your AMCAS application) to the Admissions Committee at Tufts University School of Medicine?

Through my unconventional path to this point, I have encountered a number unique and broad experiences. Not all of these experiences have been becoming. Nonetheless, I have taken great strides to learn from these experiences and use them to make me into a better person. I also believe these experiences will shape me into a great physician. Every time I have donated my time to the homeless or disadvantaged, I am reminded of the fact that I may have only been a few bad decisions away from being in their exact position. These experiences make me feel like I am able to relate
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Data collected by the Association of American Medical Colleges shows a median age of 23 for all medical school matriculants. Should I matriculate next fall, I will be 30, giving me seven more years of life experience than my peers. More important than the number of years, however, are the experiences within those seven years. I have moved across the country twice, supported myself financially, and married amongst other things. Each of these experiences has served as a learning experience. Within those seven years, I have also faced numerous obstacles. I have been blessed to overcome and learn from these obstacles. I believe this makes me better prepared to face future obstacles, of which I am sure to encounter in both medical school and my …show more content…
The first came in 2005 when I was already doing so poorly in my classes. The second, in the Spring 2015 semester, came when I was hoping to matriculate into medical school in the upcoming fall. I overloaded my schedule with five upper level math courses so that I could graduate in time and withdrew when it became evident I would not be matriculating. My third withdrawal occurred this summer. I started the course in the beginning of May and was to get married on May 22. I soon decided that I wanted to have more time to devote to my wedding so that I could fully enjoy it. Since taking the course during the summer was not required, I

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