Why Guns Are Bad

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The United States Constitution gives the right to U.S citizens to carry weapons. It is our right to carry gun's. Citizens must not be banned from owning guns because of a few people miss use in it. It's for our protection. Will control handguns decrease crime? Should handguns only be carried by law officials and military personnel? Handguns do not kill people; “people kill people”. In America, guns have been a part of the countries society since it birth. Throughout history, the citizens of the U.S have used firearms to defend themselves. Also, the second amendment gives them the right to carry guns, and it is because they believe that guns control law is not working.

Did you ever think of how you would defend yourself if our country was invaded in a war ? the only protection we will have is our military. They can not fight for this country forever.Therefor the arms embargo laws simply reduce the possibility of self-defends laws. The weapons are the most effective for self-defends. The establish of free zones is a real danger on the citizens. because criminals can do their crimes
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Your normal citizen doesn't have drugs, but bad people do. If guns are taken away, only the good people won't have them. ( Ronald Cruise). The gun control law is not being followed by some citizens, therefore more rules are being added to the law towards gun control a good background check will keep the guns out of people who should not have them to prevent criminal, drug dealers, domestic abusers, and mentally ill people from carrying the gun. therefore, people who do not follow this law should face consequences, for example, time in jail or police taking gun licene from guns holder. Some people take it seriously and follow the rules to avoid problems. Others do not learn a lesson and have their guns taking away. President Obama should have more control over guns and add more laws about guns holder. Guns should be away from childern and people under

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