Essay on Why Givers Should Be Stronger?

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It is easy for people to fall into traps in life. When people are not aware of traps, they can become doormats and get stepped all over by others. Therefore, avoiding traps is important for them. According to Give and Take, for givers, one of the traps is being too timid. I think a change of perspective is very influential to one’s life and will help him or her conquer difficulties in his or her carrier.
Sometimes, givers are too afraid to ask for anything, even though they are asking with a good purpose because either they are naturally timid or they think too much about others and are not willing to take anything from them. For takers, they come to people for their own benefits, and they do not care about the damage that people might take when they are taking from others; but givers care about others and usually are not willing to harm others . Definitely, givers should be stronger when facing this type of problems; they should change their perspective and probably find some support from others. Some times, givers are “pushovers,” which means they compromise too easily. Many people do not get a raise in their jobs because they are afraid to talk with their bosses about taking more money or asking for a promotion. In Give and take, Sameer Jain was one of the pushovers, and Grant describes him, “Sameer grew up shielded, protected from having to assert himself” (205). He was a weak negotiator and it was his wife who helped him negotiating for his rent. However, he still…

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