Should Juveniles Be Tried In Adult Court Essay

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Juveniles being sentenced in adult court is becoming more of a common issue in today’s society with such crimes as murder being committed by the youth. This has lead people to believe that they should be sentenced in adult court, in order to scare or prevent the juvenile form attempting to commit the crime again. Sentencing juveniles to adult court does not justify a reason for them committing the crime again or violent acts. Juveniles differ from adults, in the way that they are not developed as an adult that commits a crime which he might be more aware of what he is doing rather than young juveniles. I believe that juveniles have a higher chance of being rehabilitated for that reason teens should not be tried in adult court rather in a juvenile …show more content…
At a young I was one of the many troubled teens in my school that could not obey the rules or instructions. During that time, I was easily influenced by others that, I thought had a good life style which made me fall in a path that had no future.. Through them I experienced drugs, alcohol, vandalism and stealing which made me lost in a world, that I did not know what the future was awaiting for me. But the rush I got from being reckless and not following the rules made me want to continue the ruthless habits and disobeying my parents rules. Which at the age of 14 I did realize the hurt I was causing to the people around me, rather I was more worried about my friends and making an impression that today at age 19, I see that never mattered or makes anyone a better person. I can not see myself doing such acts to others as I remember some of the harsh things I did or said to people in the past. Today I have accomadated the neccessary life knowledge that strives me for a better future. I do not remember myself thinking in that manner today at age of 19, which I can say through time and support I found myself, and I was able to graduate high school and attend college. A vision that at the age of 14 I could not imagine that shows it is possible to change the mind of a young teen and I can say I have experienced

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