Why Don 't Some Parent 's Vaccinate Their Children? Essay

1262 Words May 8th, 2015 null Page
Why don’t some parent’s vaccinate their children? Why is it that parents send their children to school unimmunized? Parents think their child’s immune system can help them if they ever catch the measles. In addition, some of the reasons why parents don’t vaccinate is they feel vaccination have toxins and poison. It has been heard vaccines can cause autism, and finally some parents don’t parents don’t vaccinate due to religious reasons. When we all started kindergarten we had to get a list of shots done in order to attend school. Some schools in New York have been refusing to allow unvaccinated children to attend school, where these children might start outbreaks of the different illnesses we have going around today. In the last few years, the rates of vaccine-preventable illness such as measles and mumps have been on the rise. In most cases, these outbreaks began with children who were unvaccinated. In a school environment, an unvaccinated child who has a contagious disease can more easily spread it to other children. Yet despite the fact that vaccines can prevent many serious diseases, a small but growing number of parents are questioning the need for vaccines and benefits. Parents don’t believe many unimmunized kids can endanger a whole community. Parents who are choosing not to vaccinate their children are not just doing it based on belief; they are doing it based on science and information. While I think that vaccines are a great idea and have been immunized…

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