Essay on Why Does It Hurt So Much?

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Why Does It Hurt So Much? There’s 318.9 Million people in America alone. Forty-nine percent is male, and Fifty one percent is female; but yet, we still get treated like crap? First it was women suffrages, which happened in August of 1920s. To now, we’re still getting look down, we looked at each other as competition, while the male population is looking down at us, just basically kicking the dirt in our eyes, words and pain. Especially domestic violence.

One in four women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime (Jennifer Weis). Many would say that domestic violence is affected by drugs and alcohol, but it could also be coming from history of past. Unfortunately, it is not always a male hitting a woman situation. Sometimes it can be a woman hitting man situation. Here 's a story: Tila is a wonderful wife in Trinidad and Tobago but however had a horrific dark side, she was in her late forties. As an limited canteen worker, she was a mother with two grown children, who were study abroad. However, she was living in a common-law relationship with her husband Alfred, who was abusing her for a year. After awhile, she had enough with it,

which led her to got the police and file a “temporary restraining order,” even though the police were very helpful, the courthouse clerk gave Tila hard times. In the end, she was left alone, and peace was within her, even with all of the obstacles. This shows that Trinidad really cares about their people, instead…

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