Essay on Why Does Bullying Happen?

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Why does Bullying Happen These days people bullying happens all the time and kids are getting tired of it but, what do you do when we are the bullies?We have only so many teachers at a time to watch all the children in the school. Having people drop out is making our community more dumb due to not getting a high school diploma you can 't go to college. Bullying is an every day annual thing that re-occurs every generation. Don 't you ever wonder what starts bullying and why it happens because I sure do! Ever wonder how bullying starts? I know I do!Bullying is such a rough thing to do and so many people do it. As children are curious human beings they want to figure out all the grown up stuff on the internet such as social media. When their parents give them some space so they aren 't over their shoulder that 's when it goes downhill. Kids feel when their parents give freedom that they can do more stuff and that 's when bullying happens. Disrespect is one of the key things in bullying.When I get disrespected I stick up for myself telling the bully what they said was wrong and correcting it. But to a person who is just use to being disrespected. When someone gets bullied for a long period of time and just let things go on for a while and you just don 't do anything about it. Eventually it gets harder and the bully starts walking over the victim with disrespect that 's called bullying. That is where it all starts the first time someone just…

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