Voting In New Mexico

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It mostly matters on the swing states, in this case, New Mexico being one out of the three, for they have citizens with different viewpoints. Why did New Mexico law, not federal (government) law, decide how Bud should recast his vote? New Mexico’s law, not federal law, decides how Bud should recast his vote because the electoral votes are of New Mexico. It doesn’t deal with the decision of the rest of the forty nine states, since the citizens already had cast in their votes and the electoral votes are already gone to the Republican party of the Democratic party. New Mexico has the four electoral votes that could go to either party, and whichever one has 270, the candidate will win the presidential election and become President. Bud’s vote …show more content…
The citizens vote, then the electoral vote based off of the popular vote, and then the electoral votes go to one side by the “winner-take-all policy”. From there, the electoral votes are added up and whichever candidate gets 270 or more electoral votes.
The process also hands more power to the states, rather than just the government. As described above, the state citizens and state electrons have an opportunity to pick either party/candidate majority of the state wants to win. Negatives
The election process doesn’t allow small states to have a greater say. By small states, I mean states with low population, for example Alaska. The state only has three electoral votes because of it representatives and population. The citizens living there, wouldn’t have much say in who they vote for, for the state’s electoral votes don’t really make an impact as big as the swing states.
The election process is lots of work. They have to change the amount of electoral votes a state had every so often because the population and the amount of representatives change. They have to have exactly 538 electoral votes in all, so when all the electoral votes from each state are added up, it would equal that amount.
What message is being sent by not telling the audience who won the
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First of all, the President offered Bud a job in a high status, since he lost his job at the egg company, and the offered job is high in status. Furthermore, from experience and history, the President would most likely be re-elected for his second term. From experience, Obama was re-elected President after serving his first term, and now his second term is almost finished up. In history only about a dozen out of forty-three presidents who were denied for a second term. In addition, I think Bud voted for the President because he was against illegal immigration and for pro life, which both are under the Republican party. Although, my opinion is Bud will pick the President, it might be the other way around. Mr. Greenleaf also had points that were significant to Bud and help the people who wrote letters to him. As you can see, he wanted to communicate or learn more about politics throughout the movie. Perhaps since he didn’t know the depths into politics, he decided to stay basic to a presidential vote, and voted for someone who had experience in running a country and

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