Electoral College Controversy

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A unique controversy comes around every four years. The controversy is if the current method to choose the president of the United States of America is the best one for the country. The United States of America currently chooses the president through a method called the Electoral College. The Electoral College is a group of people who represent the states, and who essentially cast their vote to choose the next president. Many people within the U.S. are often offended when they realize they are not actually voting for their desired president. These people generally like to view the other method, the popular vote, as a better way to choose the president. The Electoral College is thought as a confusing thing to understand by the average American citizen, but in reality it is much more simpler than they think. They are too lazy to try to understand this method, and hence they do not like it. This …show more content…
In the Lord Bryce paper it gives an example of how in 1884 New York had thirty six electoral votes, and Mr. Cleaveland of the Democratic party carried a list with a majority of 1100 out of 1,100,000, so he won all of the thirty six electoral votes. The votes of the people who voted for Mr. Blaine were completely lost. Even though some people believe that the best option would be for a popular vote that would utterly give each candidate the percentage of the votes that were casted for them I personally believe that the take all method of the Electoral College is better. The states and people are protected with another source of representation that will represent each individual state for the benefit the majority of the population within each state. With the Electoral College the interests of minorities become evidently important. On the other hand, in the popular vote method that president

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