Why Do You Scream We All Scream Police Brutality

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I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream Police Brutality When did “cops” start receiving the negative connotation that it does today? Or when did little boys trade in dressing up as a gangster or thug instead of a police man for Halloween? For years it was the police coming to save the day, modern day knights in shining armor. However, as of late, the only publicity police forces have been receiving is negative. Society needs to cease vilifying our boys in blue and start acknowledging all that they do. “To Protect and Serve.” The mantra drilled into every man and woman’s being who crosses the police academy’s threshold. Everything they are trained and prepared for is in the name of people who can’t do it themselves. They learn to subdue or neutralize any perceived threat. Unfortunately, that almost always involves some use of force. In order to try and prevent the claims of unlawful force, most police vehicles are now equipped with cameras in order to record each and every instance allowing officials to go back and observe and determine whether or not the situation was a case of brutality or not. …show more content…
In those instances, officers are required to act fast to prevent any excessive harm. Things like resisting arrest or mouthing off to the officer may lead to a case of excessive force, which is not to be confused with brutality. According to a 2006 Justice Department report, only 2,000 of the more than 26,000 citizen complaints of police brutality filed nationally in 2002—less than 8 percent—were found credible. (Police Brutality) The lack of credible reports shows that a majority of the complaints were either exaggerated, or just outright false. In either instance, it just makes it harder to take the whole “police brutality epidemic” too

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