Why Do You Do Your Sales Team Views You Are Viewed By Your Cw Leadership?

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As of recent there are some areas of concern region wide, not just within Central Tn. The areas of concern are from an operational standpoint, sales execution, and sales standpoint.
Each of you were hired to be an SM & ASM – I truly believe your position is the most important in the company because you are working with the front line sellers daily. Do you care about how you are viewed by your CW leadership? Do you care about how your sales team views you? Do you really and truly care about your job and your team?
I want to say you all do; DO NOT ever get too comfortable in your job. You have to treat each day as if it is the last day of the month, manage your time wisely, OWN your store; you need to know what is going on at all times, and LEAD your team to success.

The below communication are non-negotiables and Failure to comply with these will result in further action being taken. • Store Cleanliness: you all know how strongly I feel about this. There should NEVER be a time where someone walks in a store and something is not done if the closing checklist is done. I want ALL closing duties done that night, not the morning after. I need you to act as if Chris Oliva is walking in your store every single day. YOU need to inspecting what I expect on a daily basis; I say what I expect because some of your expectations are different than mine as far as cleanliness. Are you counters & wall units dusted daily? Are you bathrooms cleaned daily? Is your trash taken out daily? Is…

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