Equal Work For Equal Pay Analysis

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In a perfect world, men and women would both be treated equally. Surprisingly enough that is far from the fact; on average, men are paid significantly more than the average woman. Why might this be? Women are surpassingly capable of what the average male can do in the work industry which leads no plausible reasoning behind these statistics. Women do everything a man does daily so why should they be forced to come home barley able to take care of her family financially as they are working their hardest. This issue tends to be overlooked by men as women suffer, but that does not mean that out of sight. On average, women are paid “78 cents less” (whitehouse.gov) this surprising statistic is not only alarming yet saddening. Throughout the country …show more content…
Women are not given the same opportunities as men, if a woman can get the job done right then why hold her back. Many studies including, Equal Work for Equal pay: Not Even College Helps Woman, an article written by Korva Coleman proves countless times that no matter what, women will not be paid any more than a man. Coleman proves that even if a woman chooses a lower salary job the man will still be paid more. After college, Coleman shares a disturbing percentage that a female college graduate will earn 86 percent less than a …show more content…
He goes on to say that men are just more skillful than women which explains the higher wages, he then states that it is a “worker’s productivity that determines wages” and “employers may be less willing to promote women; they may even pay lower wages for the same job” If a women is slacking off her job then yes, she should not be paid as much but with this many statistics to back this issue up, not every women in America is slacking off that much while they have children and a family to feed back at home. A woman is seen to be the maternal character of the family and take care of the kids, inattentive to the father being there or not; as they have to juggle the responsibilities of caring for her kids, working and to care for

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