Why Do Victims Become Offenders Within Sexual Abuse? Essay

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Professional Opinion Practice
Why do victims become offenders in sexual abuse? I think victims become repeat offenders in this type of abuse because, they was taught that behavior. At a young adolescent age is when a child is most vulnerable and can easily get taken advantage of. They depend on adults to protect and love them. They don’t think adults they trust could hurt them. Once that trust is broken a child can become confused on what is right and what is wrong. Also being shown unhealthy behavior can have a huge impact on anyone. I think victims become offenders because that is what they know. That form of behavior is what was taught to them. They simply do not know any better. A child doe’s mock behavior watching those around them this a way children learn the most through observation. I as an adult still learn this way visually. There are many other reason why I think victims of sexual abuse later become offenders in adulthood.
I think children who are abused by their caretakers often convince themselves that they deserve the abuse. When this happen an abused child can grow up to be offender of sexual abuse. Reason being because they are not aware of the effect that the damaging experience can have on their life. They think that form of behavior is “normal” at a young age children don’t know right from wrong. I think victims of childhood sexual abuse can come from all different racial backgrounds, age groups, social classes, or genders. There is no certain criteria or…

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