Why Do School Uniforms Make A Big Difference Essay

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School Uniforms Make a Big Difference School uniforms are an interesting point under discussion in public schools. Even though many schools have already set a rule as requiring school uniforms, students and most parents still not agree. School uniforms are not a negative thing to have. They play a big role in education than most people would think. Without school uniforms, most students treat school as a fashion show. This is the reason why students who enjoy new fashion trends still do not agree with the idea of wearing school uniforms. School uniforms must be worn for all grade students, some may not agree, but I am in favor of supporting school uniforms because they can save money, improve student’s attention, and prevent bullying.
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Normally, many students feel that they are judged by their classmates for not having the right clothes or for wearing hand-me-downs, as well as by teacher and administrators. When all the students are wearing the same outfit, nobody would be left out or excluded. This means that everybody is equal and looks the same, so they don’t need to worry about how they look. Furthermore, students will feel more confident and have higher self-esteem without feeling worried about being picked on by other students because of their clothes. Students with uniforms are generally behave more appropriately at school. Walmsley Angela the author of the article, “What the United Kingdom Can Tech the United States about School Uniforms” points out that “Students walk in the school hall ways in an orderly fashion, dressed professionally in uniforms consisting of blazers with the school’s crest and skirts for girls and trousers for boys. They don’t walk with hands in their pockets. Students are polite and wait for the teacher outside the classroom door” (63). Most teachers find out that their students are more respectful when they are in uniforms. They believe that uniforms create a more respectful atmosphere, so that students are more likely to follow school rules. Students who wear uniforms are less likely to get involve in gang activity in

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