Why Do Children Be Overweight And Obesity

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Everywhere you look now in society today you see a child overweight. Do you ever ask

yourself why or even how that is even possible? Well to answer those questions, it is very

possible for children to become overweight and obese because of advertisements they see every

day. Advertising is one of the best ways to keep a company or restaurant successful and very

popular. However companies and these restaurants have gotten to an all-time low by using

children to keep their businesses on top.

Children today are easily influenced by everything because they don’t know any better

and because they are still growing and learning. According to hopskinmedicine.org the author

says “As children grow and develop,
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One thing McDonalds does is they include toys in their kids meals.

By them doing this is makes the children want it even more. What kid wouldn’t want a free toy

with his or her food? I know I would. Then comes their advertisements.

Most of the companies and corporations today are beginning to use professional athletes

as well as successful singers and actors that these children look up to in their commercials. By

them doing this, they lie to children and force those professional athletes, singers and actors to lie

to their fans. Look at McDonalds for example. According to athletepromotions.com

“McDonald’s has used many different advertising campaigns since its beginning in 1940. One

of its most memorable commercials aired during the Super Bowl game in 1993 featuring Michael

Jordan and Larry Bird facing off on the court for a Big Mac prize.” Now children are very

gullible and always have been. What would you expect a child that looks up to Michael Jordan

and Larry Bird to do after watching a McDonalds commercial with them in it?

Most children would think that eating those foods that are advertised by those specific

famous athletes who they look up to isn’t bad at all. When children see someone they look up
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The problem is that

some solutions are very complicated to solve and they could effect a lot of working class people.

Doing so could also result in a lot of angry unemployed people.

That one solution is to of course shut down all fast food restaurants in the United States,

but that might be too big of a request. According to http://www.statista.com/topics/863/fast-

food/ “In 2013, there were more than 232 thousand fast food establishments in the U.S.,

employing over three and a half million people.” So you could see where that would be a huge

problem would come in. Us solving this problem this specific way could endanger some people

as well as increase our unemployment rate by a very large percentage.

The only possible solution that could be successful is to give restaurant corporations a

specific set time for their commercials to air on TV. These times would include nine a.m. till

two p.m. during the hours of school. Including any time after ten p.m. on the weekends and this

time is included during the summer time. This would limit what children would see on TV

because on average most younger children are at school for a certain amount of time and they

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