How Does Advertising Affect Teens

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Some things that we as a group, learnt together in the process of doing this project were that marketing now a days are basically selling a lifestyle to teens and to every consumer they can get across to. The process that is done by marketing teens is that they study the average teen, they follow their everyday needs and wants. Most teens as of this point in their lives don 't have a steady income or source of financial aid other than their parents. The giants of advertising know this and they take advantage of this in every single way possible. They advertise what the typical teen wants, making the teen crave that said so product. From their they get “guilt money” from their parents. Parents are seriously guilted into giving their child the money, because they care and love their child so much they feel obligated to give their child that money. With …show more content…
This proves that a billion dollar company is ran by teenagers; teenagers make a big role in today’s society because they are the ones who influence the world on what to do or what to use. For example companies look forward on having teenagers advertise their product because other teenagers look forward on dressing like the popular kids. Adding to that point, teenagers can influence their parents to purchase their every desire. Teenagers induce whomever surrounds them so but in the doing of that, marketing sales have skyrocketed in the past 5 years. Adolescents have been influenced by films such as “The Social Network” and “The Wolf of Wall Street” in that these films have inspired teenagers to go out into today’s market and get their “teenager needs” which have been exploited but the marketing teens to make their product as much appealable as possible. As we can see teenagers play a big role in today’s society because their very own influence is unstoppable as seen over the past few years in terms of sales. Moreover, as we all know, teens are the literal empire of this new generation, but how did this come into

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