Why Did Tim Burton Use Camera Angles In Edward Scissorhands

From Alice in Wonderland, Charlie and the Chocolate factory, and even Edward Scissorhands Tim Burton has made films that have became huge hits across the country. When watching these movies, the audience may notice many different types of lighting, music and sounds, and camera angles, from cheery to gloomy then dismay. Tim Burton wants the audience to feel these feelings to have a connection with the character he’s made.
To begin, Burton manipulates camera angles and framing to catch and connect the audience to the film. Burton clearly shows this technique throughout all of his movies but this technique really stands out in the movie Edward Scissorhands. In Edward scissorhands in the scene where Edward is found by a town's women named Peg. She wanders through the castle with a high camera angle to make it look as if she’s in danger, as she walks up the stairs making her seem vulnerable or if as someone is watching her. When she meets Edward on the roof in the
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This cinematic technique is clearly shown in the movie Alice In Wonderland, when Alice falls down the big black hole the music begins to be frantic and suspenseful to make the audience feel like they are falling down the hole with her. As Alice falls down the hole and the audience is falling with her, everything around and surrounding the audience goes away because of how engaged the audience becomes do to the music and sound sucking the audience in. Another great example of how Tim Burton uses this technique is from Edward Scissorhands. When Peg meets Edward on the roof, The music is soft but dark giving you the feeling that the man with scissorhands is very dangerous. Next the music changes to a light, soft sound making Edward seem friendly. This cinematic technique is one of Tim Burton's many ways of enhancing his skills for directing movies and drawing the audience

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