Why College Is Become A Professional Or Society Changing Purpose

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In today’s modern world, every young adult is expected to go to college by their society after high school to further educate themselves through university education. The majority of the students don’t know the reason behind why they have to spend hours of time listening to the lectures from their professors and do what students are asked to do. By conducting several interviews with few colleagues, a chemistry professor from the University of Houston-Downtown, and with a family member; my mother, there was a vast difference in their perspective about the purpose of the university. Students’ expectations for going to university tend to be very personal, yet the the purpose was to become professionals, while the expectations and experience from the faculty and family member seemed towards a successful life of becoming an educated individual and for society-changing purposes. Whether the purpose of going to college is to become a professional or society-changing purpose, The sole purpose of the University is to provide knowledge and skills to an individual which makes a positive change in his or her life, and to make a better and exemplary person. Higher education is Professional preparation
The staff I interviewed was a peer tutor. She asked to be anonymous, so I will be referring to her as a miss Julia. She briefly describes the positive outcomes of the university as the university allowed her to continue her education, which is very useful in the…

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