Why Children Should Not Use Facebook Essay

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Why Children Should Not Use Facebook or Twitter
Social Networking has become a very important part of our lives. Alfredo Lopez (2015) has defined Social Networking as: “nothing more than lots of people using some very large Web sites” (p. 484). The most common social networking sites are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Many people do not go a day without looking at their accounts a least once. In this fast paced society people like that they can communicate with who they want, whenever they want regardless of where they are. These networking sites have allowed people to stay in touch with family, friends and it has even given people the opportunity to make new friends online. Making new friends online is very easy and dangerous because anyone can create a social networking account. Meaning people can also create a false profile with a different age, race, and gender. Child predators use online social networking for their advantage creating false profiles that attract children to their Twitter and Facebook profile. Sexual predator or human traffickers are constantly looking for a clean opportunity to kidnap children. Children under thirteen should not use Facebook or Twitter because predators can use the information uploaded online to abduct them.
Facebook and Twitter are amazing sites that made sharing messages, updates, and posting pictures easy. These Networks are so easy to use that even children can learn how to use them without any difficulty. But sharing can be…

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