Essay Why Canada Is A Prosperous Country

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My Testimony

I have been living in Canada for about five years. I love Canada and its people. Canada is a multicultural country built by immigrants from different corners of the earth. These immigrants moved to Canada with their cultures and religions. The multiculturalism of Canada has actually made ministry work and spreading the gospel both easy and challenging from my personal experience. I meet people who have an open mind towards the gospel and others who do not want to even hear it at all. I love and show respect to all people I have contact with, irrespective of their religious believes, social and personal practices. Jesus told us that he has come for those that are labor and heavy laden so he could give them rest, and those that need physicians so he could heal all their diseases. Canada is a prosperous country materially, but Canada needs spiritual deliverance and revival. Many souls in Canada are waiting to be harvested for JESUS and I believe the Spirit of God will convict and convert people as we reach them for Christ in the name of JESUS.

I was born into a Christian family in Nigeria. My parents were Catholics, so I had to go to the Catholic church with them as a little boy. During that time, I knew who JESUS was but I was not having a personal relationship with Him. When I left my parents to live on my own after I was done with my first degree, I continued to attend the Catholic church until August 2006 when I was invited by my older sister to a 3-day…

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