Why Become An Educator Essay

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There are several reasons I wish to become an educator. I have always loved teaching, whatever capacity it was in. I have always leaned towards education in career options, extracurricular activities, and within the classroom. Almost all of my employment opportunities have been within a teaching role, from coaching color guard teams to being a camp counselor in the summers. The challenge of helping others succeed and thrive off of their accomplishments is something I enjoy immensely. It brings me a lot of joy and pride to observe a student become passionate about a subject and to watch them develop over time. I have seen it numerous times while coaching and there truly isn’t anything more rewarding.

The biggest reason I wish to become
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Interacting with texts and how others interpret them is something I absolutely love. I believe that everyone has several ways to analyze a text. Not only do I want to express my ideas regarding a text but allow the students to share their ideas as well. Everybody has experienced life differently, which affects how we interpret the world around us, including texts. This causes each person to have different ideas since they are unique. As a learner, this was something I came to appreciate a great deal as it allowed me to reflect on language arts in new and interesting ways. My want to become an English teacher comes from the fact that it is such a dynamic and interesting subject. There is so much to discover within the ever-growing lists of texts that are in the world. To share this passion and excitement with others is a desire I’ve had since I was a student in high …show more content…
Reed High School, I was able to take a course that focused solely on Shakespeare 's texts. In this course, my instructor, Mrs. Jones, had us study Hamlet in a non-traditional way. Instead of reading the play she presented the class with a graphic novel. This was an impactful learning experience for me because my first reaction to this medium was extremely negative. I did not fully understand the value of having the illustrations paired with the play. To me, it seemed as if it would be easier to read the play and after watch a performance. At that point, I did not have a strong sense of the type of learner I was. I did not understand if I was a visual, auditory, read-write, or kinesthetic learner in the classroom. Assuming that I was a read-write learner since that was the way I thought I learned most efficiently, I didn 't imagine that I would learn as much in this

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