Major Dilemmas And Reasons To Become A Teacher

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1. Why did you decide to become a teacher?
I chose to become a teacher to inspire my students to be great at all that they do. I would like for my students to know that there are no limits to your dreams when education is involved. Majority of my students does not have a support system in their homes. As their teacher, I am their support system and I will try my hardest to encourage them and inspire them to be more than what society wants them to be.

2. To the extent that you feel comfortable, describe your identity (ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, etc.) Do you see any aspects of your identity as assets or challenges that may affect your teaching? If so, explain.
My identity is African American. I was born
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What are the major dilemmas or issues you have had or foresee in your student teaching?
Some dilemmas that I have noticed in teaching are the students’ willingness to do better. I have a few students that are homeless and live on the street in their parents’ cars. Students that have gone through so much tragedy rarely have the patience or the strength to even want to learn. They feel that nothing in education is going to make my left better. They feel turning to street life is the only way to get through their hard lives.
Another thing that I noticed is students take on the tribulations of their parents. Students come to school worried how their parents will pay the rent, or will they have food in the house to have dinner. Some students even take on their parents’ rivalries. Neighborhood fights turn into war on school grounds; where the students can’t even sit in the same room as their mother’s rival’s daughter. Students have so many other things to worry about that school is the last thing on their minds. So as a teacher I want to strive to be that relief that students need to get away from their troubled world.

7. How do you feel about the state standards for your content area? How useful are they for guiding your

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