Essay On Personal Philosophy Of Education

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My Personal Philosophy of Education
There are numerous reasons to become an educator some are appropriate and some are not. Many teachers, coaches, and administrators have influenced me over my academic career, and have helped to mold my philosophy of education. It was a church trip working with children that I finally knew this is exactly what I wanted to do with my life. Since then I have sat and thought what made me chose this profession. The reasons that I chose this profession are to push children to do their best, the feeling I got when I did teach a child, and to help a child be more independent.
In the video we watched “What Teachers Make” Mr. Mali said he “can make a C plus feel like a congressional medal oh honor, and an A minus
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When I looked around I saw so many people with special needs and it broke my heart. I believe that if we would work harder with people with disabilities to be more independent most could function on their own. I understand that there are some with mental and physical disabilities that will never be able to take care of themselves, but I believe there are too many that we do not work with enough to make them independent. It breaks my heart for people with disabilities to not be independent, and one reason I am becoming a teacher is to help teach adults with disabilities how to be …show more content…
Children can do so much more than they ever imagined if they truly give all they have. All I want from the students is their respect and attention. Being a teacher is something I have dreamed of because of the feeling I get when students learn, and knowing that I am truly making a difference with my life. I feel like children with disabilities do not get the time they deserve and that is one reason that I have chosen special education. These are extraordinary children who we need to dedicate more time to making them independent. Teaching is not a calling for everyone, but for me it is my

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