Essay about Why Baseball Is the Most Difficult Sport

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Out of all the vast variety of sports there are, baseball is the most challenging and difficult sport to play. No other sport compares to the degree of difficulty that you have to deal with, like you do in playing the game of baseball. There are so many different elements that make this game the most difficult. Three major elements stick out in my mind as to why this wonderful sport is the toughest of all. The three main factors in my mind are the increased physical and hand eye coordination component, the mental aspect of this game, and the human interdependence between umpires, which are a vital part in every play.
To play the game of baseball you have to be in great physical shape. You also need to have an exceptional amount of
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Many say that baseball is like all other sports with referees and officials to rule upon the game. But baseball has an extra human interdependence aspect of the game, unlike any other: every single play, and every single pitch you have to rely on the judgment of another human outside of both teams. The fact that the main function and goal of the game is to hit the ball and score more runs than the opposing team, and prevent them from doing the same is simple. There has to be someone who deciphers whether a pitch is a ball or a strike right? This factor that the main purpose of the game consists with every play relying on the judgment of an official is so crucial to the game because these umpires essentially can control the game with their strike zones. Not only is a baseball hard enough to hit when the ball is thrown straight at you. But now you have to take into account the judgment of an umpire on whether or not the pitch is a strike and you should swing at it, or if it’s a ball and you should leave it be. All of these factors working together in junction are why baseball is the hardest sport to play despite what any argument has to say. Some may say that baseball isn’t as hard as it seems and just about anybody can play the sport. Their thoughts and statements are wrong and blasphemous to the sacred American pastime. While, yes, you may not need to be the greatest athlete to

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