Why Athletes Should Keep Up Healthy Eating Essay

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What an athlete takes in before, during and after training or events is very important for keeping the body from losing energy when you need it the most. Eating the correct foods is what helps in the long run. Athletes should eat right throughout all of their training but most importantly before big events. Athletes should keep up healthy eating throughout all their years of training because it is important for them to keep their body in shape even during the off season. A pre-game meal should be consumed three to four hours before an events and be between 500- 1,000 calories. This meal is to be high in starch because this starch helps break down proteins and fats more easily. The starch should be in form of a complex carbohydrate because they digest at a rate in which provides consistent energy to the body (J. Anderson 25). Foods that should not be eaten before a big event are high- sugar foods, high fats, and caffeine. High-sugar foods may lead to rapid rise in blood sugar which is followed by a decrease in blood sugar and less energy so essentially athletes are energized shortly than burn out. Both high-sugar foods and caffeine lead to quick dehydration.16-20 oz of sports drink or water should be consumed two to four hours before a workout or event. From an article off of PowerBar.com by Dr. Jensen, he breaks up what should be eat within specific amount of time before training/events. With less than 30 minutes before any physical activity mostly liquids should be…

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