Why Athletes Should Join The Basketball Team Essay

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I had always played in middle school, but when I started high school, I quit basketball to row crew year-round. I loved crew, making new friends at a new school. Unfortunately, in my sophomore year, the team began to crumble as coaches were being replaced. Thus, I decided to join the basketball team for the winter season, taking a break from crew. I was anxious joining the basketball team. I had not played since eighth grade, and even then I was no star player. My fear was furthered when I saw the roster; the girls on the team were already a group of friends, one that I was not a part of, and they had all been on the team the previous year. Nevertheless, I was determined to go to try-outs. To clarify, try-outs are not meant for the coaches to decide which athletes to allow on the team and which to cut. Try-outs are meant to give the potential players the chance to see what practice will be like, as everyone is guaranteed a spot on the team, being that my high school is somewhat small. The coaches do, however, determine which players to place on the varsity team and which to leave on the junior varsity team. I went to try-outs on the first day, forgetting my good sneakers and having to use my other sneakers, a ten-dollar pair from Wal-Mart that I used solely for gym class. I knew it was going to be a tough workout, now made even harder by the lack of grip on the bottom of my shoes. My thoughts were confirmed when we warmed up with ball-handling exercises: dribbling the…

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