Why Abortion Is Wrong? Essay

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Introduction One of the most controversial, dividing issues that faces out country is abortion. For many people this is an “Yes or No” issue. You are either for it or against it. There are many different facets to this issue and many different arguments to go with them. As one would expect with such an extreme issue, some people take to extreme conclusions. These conclusions seem to grasps at the very core of our humanity. The author asserts as much with these two sentences. “If opponents of abortion are wrong, then they are attempting to strip women of their rights. If abortion advocates are wrong, then they are complicit in a moral atrocity to which every genocide in human history pales in comparison.” (Shenvi, n.d.) Both of these are not only reckless, but ill-informed and completely misdirecting.
With such a serious issue, taking such extreme stances will only further divide people on this topic. Such an issue must be taken with extreme care. It is imperative to realize that there is no “universal” solution. There will never be a solution that everyone will agree with. Recognizing this, there is only one path forward we can take. We must take the path that best suites everyone. Hundreds of thousands will disagree, but the only true choice is to allow people to choose of their own accord. No one person, group, or entity should be able to make this decision for everyone. Within this article, the author asserts that one way of thinking is the only way “right” way to…

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